Kurt N. Schmitt

When Kurt started with Lincoln in 1973, he immediately recognized that prevailing industry practices left much for clients to desire. What was clear then was that construction managers and contractors believe that their only function is construction. He saw that companies acted as middlemen-taking the plans from an architect and building the project per spec with little understanding of the clients' expectations.

In short, construction was the only priority-helping clients get the most from their building program was not.

Kurt knew that Lincoln could do more, and built our process around providing a better experience for our clients. He made our primary focus the development of client relationships. Kurt knew that taking the time to understand our clients' needs, challenges, and goals would allow Lincoln to be a partner, not just a builder.

Today, Lincoln provides leadership and advocacy to our clients throughout a project, while the importance of our approach to owners is demonstrated through the number of long-term client relationships that we maintain and the half-billion in work that we have accomplished.

Kurt's primary role at Lincoln is to provide guidance and vision for employees, and to ensure that our approach continues to make a meaningful difference to our clients.

In his own words:
"I think a recent comment from one of our long-term clients speaks to how we contribute to our clients' success. He said:

'Kurt, you guys are more worried about our money than we are-I never thought I would say that, but it's true.'

To me, this is what building relationships is about. It's listening and learning from our clients, defining success around meeting their challenges, and then being a resource to ensure that they achieve their goals. There is nothing more exciting to me than dedicating ourselves to a client and building a level of trust that results in a twenty-year relationship. That's fun."

Year starting with Lincoln:

  • Associated General Contractors of America - Lifetime Director
  • American Arbitration Association - Construction Arbitrator
  • Delaware Partnership Member
  • First Merit Bank Advisory Board Member
  • Ohio Board of Building Standards- Board Member

  • Associated General Contractors Pinnacle Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Arthur Anderson Discovery Award
  • Builders Exchange Cornerstone Award
  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year
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