"I am heartened to know that there are still contractors out there who can be counted on, and trusted, to do the job right and to also, "do the right thing." Thanks for all your help; I look forward to our next project together."
Nippert Forming Plant
Delaware, OH
There is a better way to do construction. For us, it's not about being all things to all people - we are everything to you. We offer you the resources and strategic thinking necessary for exceptional results. It's about a process that builds your vision in the smartest, most cost-effective manner. Clients who have worked with us understand the impact we make, which is why so many maintain long-term relationships with us. We are your advocate and resource, leading you through the process, and always representing your needs.

It's strategy that delivers value, a process that ensures better results.

Raising Expectations for Nippert
As in all of our relationships, we strive to be everything to Nippert (now Sam Dong). Whether it is discussing future building options or constructing a 65,000 square foot metal forming plant, our foremost interest is in delivering exceptional results. And after 17 years and nearly a dozen projects, we continue to be a resource and advocate for Nippert's needs.

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