"The decision to bring your organization on board early in the design process proved to be extremely valuable to us. Your team made numerous suggestions during the design development phase that allowed us to simplify construction without sacrificing important aesthetic or functional characteristics, and saved us tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs."
Darin Kendall
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
You receive the most value for your project when we work collaboratively with you from the earliest possible planning stages. The reason is simple. Design and construction are one fluid process—one that deserves careful attention to create an outstanding experience and product. Working together, we provide critical, thorough analysis of design concepts to ensure that your vision and your budget meet. And when budgetary challenges arise, our experienced team provides creative solutions and attractive alternatives that help you make informed decisions and keep the project on track.

Collaborating for Success with Northwest Presbyterian Church
Critical, thorough analysis is what Northwest Presbyterian Church received. After understanding the church's vision, we were able to make creative recommendations to prepare for current and future work. Our interest in delivering value for the church's long term needs will yield impressive cost savings when they are ready to expand.

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