Our LEED History

Our introduction to “green” construction started with one of our long-term clients in 1997 before LEED standards were established. Denison University asked us to renovate an early 1900s building; it would be our first sustainable project. We worked with the University to price innovative green construction ideas and helped source materials, including low-VOC paints and finishes.

Since then, we have helped numerous clients pursue sustainable buildings and earn their LEED certification status. To date we have over $100 million in LEED projects completed or under construction. With our LEED AP BD+C certified team members, on staff, we help clients and designers analyze construction methods. We provided this service to Kohl’s Department Stores by consulting directly with Kohl’s LEED Manager and provided feedback and suggested changes to their specifications guide regarding points to pursue. Our edits helped Kohl’s achieve LEED status on their 100-store roll out. We also continue to work with our university clients to create sustainable projects. In 2007 Denison asked us to spearhead a $14 million renovation of an early 1900s building with the goal of being LEED certified. With consistent advocacy from our team, the project achieved LEED “Gold” Certification!

The knowledge we have gained working on sustainable projects since 1997 has allowed us to provide best practices and identify the most cost-effective LEED credits to pursue and ensure we exceed our client’s LEED Certification goals.

The Process

Our involvement in green building and LEED projects begins at the pre-construction phase and continues throughout the project. When LEED certification is pursued, we continue to provide guidance and support throughout the certification process. Our approach is to foster an atmosphere of teamwork with the client and other professionals involved during the design, construction and commissioning process. We understand the importance of balancing LEED goals and the project budget. Our team provides cost analysis on sustainable project elements, giving our clients the opportunity to decide how to best meet their project budget and sustainable goals.

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