Bryant Arts Center - Denison University
Granville, OH

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Art Chonko, P.E.
Director of Facilities Services
Denison University
In 2004, Denison developed a bold vision to enhance the studio art experience by transforming the 1904 Cleveland Hall structure into a modernized, world-class studio arts facility known as the Bryant Arts Center.

Considered a top restoration firm in the country, Denison hired Beyer Blinder & Belle Architects to repurpose the traditional building. The design challenges were certainly daunting-how to completely modernize the 33,000 square feet of existing interior spaces and incorporate 12,000 square feet of new construction in three separate additions while respecting the architectural integrity of the original structure?

Soon after engaging the design architect, Denison approached us to not only serve as the construction manager, but to hire a local architect of record and engineering consultants. Even with the ability to manage the delivery of plans in a timely manner and better control the design and construction budget, the team faced significant challenges. From the considerable value engineering effort that extended well into the construction phase, to demolishing everything but the exterior walls and roof of the original structure, lowering all new structural steel components for the existing building through small roof penetrations and windows and using duct jacks and hand labor to rebuild the interior structure, building three unique additions on drastically different grades, and exceeding high Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements, unique challenges and complexities were managed daily.

Furthermore, when the University was handed a lawsuit initiated by city residents that shut down the job for 7 months midway through construction, we were challenged to develop strategies that minimized the cost impact of the delay to Denison.

In the final analysis, our hard work proved successful-the transformed building has drawn interest and acclaim from faculty and students, while we met the budget and returned cost savings to Denison after completing the project. Furthermore, while the project was originally registered at the LEED "Certified" certification, ongoing work during the design and construction phase led to outstanding results-the US Green Building Council awarded the Center with LEED "Gold" certification.

2010 AGC Build Ohio Award
LEED Gold Certification

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